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We’re for keeping things rewarding for Kiwi businesses. Which is why we’re uniting three of the country's biggest fuel brands – Z, Caltex and Challenge – to create Z Business Plus.

Full of fresh features and extra value, Z Business Plus has been designed to help your business go even further. And for loyal, existing customers like you, it will soon replace your current Z Card account. There’s nothing you need to do to close your old account and closure will automatically happen.

Scroll down to see how the account switch will roll out for you. Or explore this site to discover more about the all-new Z Business Plus.

What do I need to do?

1. Read

Look out for an email with full details on your upcoming Z Business account switch.

2. Open

Check your post for a welcome pack and a separate pack containing your new Z Business fuel cards.

3. Destroy

To keep control of your expenses, and avoid duplicate charges and extra admin on your old and new accounts, destroy your old cards.

4. Enjoy

See the benefits stack up for your business every time you swipe.

Using Xero?

Be sure to connect your new account. It only takes a moment to set up. Simply log into your Z Business Online account or call us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374).

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What's happening to my old account?

To complete your switch to Z Business, we’ll soon be closing your old Z Card account.

But don’t worry. All your Z Cards will still work for a few weeks to give you time to switch them out for the new ones.

And we’ll give you notice of the account closure date by email.

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Will I still be able to access my old transaction data?

Yes. You'll have access to all transactions associated with your old Z Card or StarCard account until your existing contract for Z Card or StarCard expires. If you want to retrieve past account information, just contact one of our support team on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374). If you regularly refer to your account history through Z Card Online or StarCard Online, we recommend you download all transactions and reports associated with your old account as soon as you receive notification that your new Z Business account is set up.

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Is the VTNZ discount still available with Z Business Plus?

Sorry, but the VTNZ discount associated with your Z Card or StarCard account no longer applies to Z Business.

With you

all the way

We're for Kiwi businesses

As a New Zealand-based company, we're committed to NZ business and design our offers specifically for kiwi businesses.

We're for sustainability

We stand for an environmentally sustainable New Zealand, which is why we've built the country's first biodiesel plant

We're for community

At Z, we're for a resilient and healthy Aotearoa New Zealand that empowers our community.

We're for you

With a dedicated NZ-based call centre & an online system to manage your account, we're here for you.