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About Z Business Plus


Business keeps you busy. Which is why we've created Z Business Plus, a rewarding fuel programme full of benefits for your business. It all adds up to less effort managing fuel expenses and more time to focus on your customers. Here's how.

Fuel savings
Enjoy consistent savings on every drop of fuel.

More rewarding
Add Fly Buys or Airpoints™ to your Z Business account and earn points whenever you buy fuel at a Z or Caltex service station.

Bigger network
Find a warm welcome and savings at over 550 locations.

Better credit
Enjoy up to 40 days of credit on all spend.

Easy management
Simplify how you track and manage your fuel expenses.

More control
Set spending limits, personalise fuel cards, create custom controls and more.

See more
Gain greater visibility on all spend with rich, anytime-access reporting.

Seamless accounting
Add Xero for greater spend and billing convenience.

Straightforward payments
Convenient direct debit to make paying your bill simple.

Helpful support
A New Zealand-based support team, on call to help.

Fuel pricing needn’t be complicated. So as a Z Business Plus customer, you'll save 8c per litre off the pump price on all fuel, every time you fill up at a Z, Caltex or Challenge. You'll see what you save on your invoice each month. From time-to-time, we also run promotions for our Z Business customers to save even more. To ensure you don't miss these specials, make sure your email address is up-to-date.

Every month, you'll receive a detailed invoice report listing your fuel savings. Please note that fuel savings won't be shown on individual purchase receipts.

If you purchase more than 50,000 litres a year, you could be eligible for even bigger fuel savings. Call us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374) to discuss your needs, and we'll recommend the best solution for you.

Z Business Plus is NZ’s only business fuel programme to reward fuel spend with your choice of Fly Buys points or Airpoints Dollars™. You can earn points every time you purchase fuel at a Z or Caltex service station. Here's how you'll earn.

Fly Buys

  • - 1 Fly Buys point for every 20 litres of fuel purchase.


  • - 1 Airpoints Dollar™ for every 100 litres of fuel purchase.

Please note Fly Buys and Airpoints are not available on fuel spend at Z and Caltex truck stops or Challenge service stations.

Simply add your loyalty number when you apply for Z Business Plus. Don't have your details to hand? Call us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374) and we'll add it for you.

Simple. Call us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374) and we'll change it for you.

You'll find all loyalty points earned with Z Business Plus on your regular statements issued by Fly Buys or Airpoints™.

Management made easy

To help you manage your fuel cards, you can include a name or the vehicle registration plate number on each card. If you do not want to have a specific name or vehicle number, simply type Open or NA into the field.

Please note that if you choose to order Z Business fuel card(s) with specific vehicle registration numbers or a driver's name displayed on the card(s), this is for your management purposes only and is not considered an additional security protection. Z is not responsible for checking if the vehicle or driver matches the details listed on the Z Business fuel card.

Absolutely. You're in control of who gets to spend what, where and when.

  • - Purchase permissions: whether it's just fuel or fuel and in-store purchases, you choose. You can even choose specific grades of fuel for each card too.
  • - Spending limits: set card limits to manage how much can be spent on a card over a month.
  • - Validate mileage: you can choose to track odometer readings on fuel purchases for extra spend validation.

Every transaction using a Z Business fuel card requires a 4-digit PIN. Here's how to set and re-set the PIN.

New cards
The first time a new fuel card is used in-store, the holder will be prompted to enter, then re-enter a 4-digit PIN. Once set, that PIN is required to authorise all future transactions.

Re-setting a PIN
Should you need to re-set a PIN, simply call us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374). If you need an instant re-set, please let the operator know.

Please be aware of your responsibilities concerning PIN set-up, safety and management.

Simply log into Z Business Online or call us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374).

With Z Business, your account can grow as your business does. Which means there are no limits to the number of fuel cards you can have on your account. If you want to order more than 10 cards at a time, please contact us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374).

You can cancel a Z Business fuel card in one of three ways:

You can update the fuel card details with a new driver's name in Z Business Online, and it will update immediately. It will also update the name on the card when it expires and a replacement is sent. Alternatively, you can cancel the fuel card and order a new one. This can be done in two ways:

The best way to manage your Z Business account is through Z Business Online , our online fuel account management system. From account and card management through to viewing transactions and reports, Z Business Online is simple, secure and always open. If you would like a log in to Z Business Online, simply call us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374) and we'll set you up and send you your login details. Please note that you will need to have a Z Business Online login to integrate Xero with your Z Business account.

If you would like a log in to Z Business Online, simply call us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374) and we'll set you up. We'll then send a user login and password to you by email. Simply click on the link within the email to get started.

Most account changes can be made in Z Business Online. If there's a change you can't make within your online account, please email us at or call our NZ-based team on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374).

You can add or update contact details in one of three ways:

Please call our NZ-based team on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374).

Seamless payments

No. Your cards will be delivered by standard post at no charge to you.

Cashflow is the lifeblood of business. Which is why we offer you the flexibility to personalise account billing to suit your business. These are your invoice date options:

  • - 7th of every month
  • - 15th of every month
  • - 21st of every month
  • - The last day of the month (payment due 10 days after the invoice date)

Every invoice you receive includes:

  • - A summary of your purchases (including fuel quantities), with and without GST
  • - Your fuel totals
  • - Your non-fuel totals
  • - Your account fees
  • - All adjustments if applicable (optional)
  • - Period rebates (Optional)
  • - Your subtotal
  • - GST
  • - The final total

We believe fees should be simple, transparent and great value. Which is why with Z Business Plus we'll only ever charge you $5 a month, no matter how many cards you have or add. You also have the choice to pay annually for just $50 a year, saving you $10. Simply call 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374) if you'd prefer to pay fees annually. Monthly account fees are included as part of your regular invoice.

Your fuel discount is applied on your monthly invoice, so you won't see it on your receipt when you purchase fuel. Instead, you'll see your total fuel savings on fuel purchases detailed within your invoice.

With Z Business you'll get up to 40 days of credit from the date of purchase.

Payment is automatically deducted from your nominated account via direct debit 10 days after the invoice period.

When you sign up for Z Business, we'll ask you to nominate a preferred bank account. This will become the account we use to direct debit your invoice total, which includes all fuel card spend and account fees.

If, for any reason, you've missed or cannot pay your invoice in full, please contact us as soon possible:

Important things to know:

  • 1. You must pay the amount shown on the tax invoice by means of an automatic bank direct debit on the date indicated on the tax invoice.
  • 2. If the direct debit we initiate on your bank account is dishonoured, we may re-present the direct debit initiated on your bank account.
  • 3. If you do not pay an invoice when due, we may: immediately take steps to prevent further use of the Z Business account and any Z Business fuel card; and/or undertake activities in order to recover the amount of debt, in which case you will be liable to us for any internal or external expenses, costs or disbursements (including legal fees and collection commissions) we incur in recovering amounts you owe us.

Please contact us as soon as you can, either by calling 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374) or emailing

If you'd like to change your nominated account, you can call our NZ-based team on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374).

With Z Business, you're in control of who gets to spend what, where and when. You're invited to add spending limits and alert rules within your account application. Alternatively, you can set up card restrictions and alerts at any time within Z Business Online, or by calling us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374). These are some of the limits and alerts you can create.

  • - Product permissions: whether it's just fuel or fuel and in-store purchases, you choose.
  • - Spending limits: set daily or monthly limits by card, vehicle or driver.
  • - Validate mileage: impose odometer readings on fuel purchases for extra spend validation.

To add an extra layer of driver accountability and spend reconciliation, account holders can insist drivers enter odometer readings on fuel purchases. Then every time drivers settle fuel purchases with a Z Business fuel card, they'll be asked to enter an odometer reading at the till.

You're invited to add this setting when applying for a new account. Alternatively, you can enable or disable odometer readings at any time within your Z Business Online account, or by calling us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374).

Our network

Stop at any Z, Caltex or Challenge service station or truck stop and you'll find a warm welcome for you and your fuel card. And with over 550 locations throughout NZ, that's a lot of warm welcomes. Explore Our Network to find your nearest site.

With a network of over 550 sites, we've most of New Zealand covered. We also have agreements with a few additional sites where you can use your Z Business fuel cards. Please be aware that although the credit facility linked to your fuel cards will work at these sites, the fuel discount won't. You'll pay the standard pump price for all fuel transactions at those sites, and spend is not eligible for loyalty points. Download our Network Guide for more information.

The Z network includes the following features:

  • - Concierge Service; on hand to help at service stations between 10am and 5pm, every day.
  • - Super long hoses; to make filling up less of a stretch.
  • - Z2O Car Washes; super soft brushes and four wash options.*
  • - Z Espress Food & Coffee; top up fuel for humans.*

Discover more information about Z's forecourt services here.

Z's network of truck stops also provide a convenient way to fill quickly, with high-flow hoses, easy access and Z DEC, Z's diesel emmissions cleaner.*

* Z20 Car Washes, Z Espress and Z DEC available at select sites.

The Caltex network is locally owned, locally operated and offers a fast, friendly, locally focused customer experience. Caltex offers quality fuels with Caltex with Techron® and Caltex Diesel with Techron D available.

Challenge sites are owned and operated by people who aim to provide the warm, personal and friendly service you deserve.

All Challenge stations offer Diesel and 91 with some stores also offering 95 Grade Petrol and high flow diesel pumps for heavy vehicles. A number of Challenge stations also offer Auto LPG. The majority of Challenge sites offer all day forecourt service, and a variety of food & beverages.

Other services offered across the Challenge network are; trailer hire, LPG fill, LPG Swap Bottles, car wash and mechanical and tyre services.

Find your nearest Challenge and discover more about their services here.

Especially designed for big rigs and larger vehicles, truck stops make refuelling a whole lot simpler. These are some of our features.

  • - High flow pumps, making it even faster to fuel.
  • - Z DEC, Z's diesel emissions cleaner.
  • - Generous aprons and forecourts; easy entry, exit and turning for larger vehicles.
  • - Convenient locations; situated close to major road networks and key industrial zones.
  • - Always open, 24/7.
  • - Secure supplies; bigger tanks, regularly monitored and refuelled.

For a detailed breakdown of the specific fuel types each brand sells, explore Our Network.

We take sustainability seriously. That's why we stock Z Diesel Emission Cleaner (Z DEC) and Adblue diesel exhaust fluids. Designed to work with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, both fluids are part of a solution developed by leading engine manufacturers to reduce exhaust emissions and help meet emission reduction targets.

  • - Z DEC is available at select Z truck stops.
  • - AdBlue is available at select Caltex truck stops.

Explore Our Network to find your nearest site.

Sorry, not for now. But it is something we're looking at. Stay tuned for more news.

Your questions, answered

As long as you are the authorised representative of a GST registered business, you can apply for Z Business Plus.

Applying is simple, straight-forward and quick. In less than 5 minutes, you can apply online. Click here to get started.

Everything you need to apply for a Z Business account is listed below:

  • 1. Your contact details
  • 2. Your business type, business name, trading name & business address
  • 3. Your monthly spending
  • 4. Your bank details
  • 5. Your Fly Buys or Airpoints™ number (optional)

Because Z Business Plus offers up to 40 days credit on your fuel purchases, we need to run a credit check on all new customers.

Anyone applying for a Z Business account undergoes a credit check by our credit agency, illion (formerly known as Dun and Bradstreet). To ensure your credit check is accurate, illion require an exact match of your personal credit records. These credit records are linked to your driving licence. For more information on how credit checks are conducted, click here.

In some instances, applicants for a Z Business account may need to supply additional personal guarantees. This means if the business you own or represent is unable to pay any outstanding invoices or meet its financial obligations to Z Energy, you or the listed personal guarantor becomes liable.

If your application is approved:

Congratulations. You’re officially a member of the Z family. We'll email confirmation of your account within 24 hours of approval; your Z Business account online should be active within 3 working days; and your Z Business fuel cards should arrive within 5 to 7 working days.

If your application is referred:

This means we're processing your application. If we require any further information, we'll contact you within 24 hours.

If your application is declined:

Please see the answer below.

If your application was declined, it may be that your business falls outside our current credit criteria and we are unable to open a Z Business account for you at this time. If you’d like to speak to someone about your credit record, you can contact our credit agency, illion (formerly known as Dun and Bradstreet), on 0800 733 707.

Z Business fuel cards are delivered by NZ Standard Post at no cost to you.

Z Business fuel cards can be used to purchase fuel and non-fuel items at any service station or truck stop at Z, Caltex or Challenge. You can pay in store, or at the pump.

Every transaction using a Z Business fuel card requires a 4-digit PIN. For more details on setting or changing a PIN, please see 'How do I set up or change a Z Business fuel card PIN?' above. And for more details on fuel card spending limits, please see 'Set spending limits' above.

Simply swipe your fuel card at a card reader and follow the prompts.

Paying for fuel with your Z Business fuel cards at Pay at Pump is quick and easy. Simply swipe your card then follow the screen prompts.

Absolutely. All our truck stops have fast, reliable card readers, along with our locally-based call centre support if something doesn’t go to plan. Please be aware that some truck stops may only have hi-flow pumps which are not suitable or safe for light passenger vehicles.

We want your business to keep on rolling without interruption. So we'll issue new cards to your registered address before your current cards expire. If you don't receive your new cards, or your address has changed, please contact us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374).

Our friendly NZ-based support team are here for you 24/7.

0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374)

Although our service team are available 24/7, please note that some requests can only be actioned between 7AM and 9PM, Monday to Friday, and 8AM and 1PM on Saturdays.

Sorry, but Z Business is not currently integrated with the Z App.

Open a Z Business account with us and you're in control of what you receive. Which means you can opt in or out of promotional emails from us at any time. If you opt out of promotional emails, you will still receive communications relating to your product and account.

To read our full Z Business Terms and Conditions, click here.

To close your account, please call us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374).

Need more help?

Contact our NZ-based support team, 24/7.

0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374)

Although our service team are available 24/7, some requests can only be actioned between 7AM and 9PM, Monday to Friday, and 8AM and 1PM on Saturdays.