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It’s all about the strength of the network

19 February 2021 • 2 min read

There are lots of reasons David Aitken, Chief Executive Officer of the National Road Carriers, enjoys working with Z Energy, but the main one is this: if a member is on the job and needs to fill up, there will always be a Z, Caltex or Challenge pump located nearby.

“It’s a significant network that really covers the whole country,” says David. “That’s what our members are looking for, so they know wherever they are going on the main road that they are able to get fuel. That’s what Z Business offers – they are the biggest network of anybody.”

The NRC has just under 1,900 members, representing more than 20,000 heavy vehicles travelling the length and breadth of New Zealand. They have been working with Z since 2009, with all members receiving Z Business fuel cards that can be used to access discounts at all Z, Caltex and Challenge service stations and truck stops.

“We see this as a true partnership,” says David. “We have a significant litreage that comes through our membership, and Z brings very good savings and a very good network.”

In the 2019-2020 financial year, Z Energy saved members of the National Road Carriers $1.4 million in fuel. The current year is shaping up to well exceed that.

This is especially significant when you consider that more than half of NRC’s members are single vehicle operators, who need every advantage they can get. Ninety per cent of members run fleets of fewer than 10 vehicles.

Adds David: “They’ve got vehicles on the road daily and they are using quite a lot of fuel to make sure goods are delivered throughout the country. These are the people who make great savings through this partnership, because those large companies can probably get themselves a pretty good deal independently of us.”

Besides the convenience of truck stops and the savings available, David says the NRC appreciates the technical support they receive from Z Energy and the ease of using the Z and Caltex apps.

And beyond that, the communication and collaboration with Z has been excellent.

“They have always been very willing to help, no matter what we ask for,” he notes. “Nothing has ever been a real issue or problem. They have always been very open to discussing our ideas and that's something we really appreciate. We value it enormously.”

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