Staying on top of your mental health

1 April 2021 • 3 min read

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Now is the time to make sure everyone on your team is managing their stress and isolation

Being in business can be stressful and require significant emotional and mental energy at the best of times. So how do you cope when it’s not the best of times, when unseen circumstances create hurdles you struggle to overcome? That's the time to prioritise mental and physical wellbeing – to benefit yourself, your business and your family.

Work stress

The new norm for many in business is dealing with disruption and instability, uncertainty and fear, and even the need to change the size and shape of their organisation.

Many business owners feel a lack of choice and control. In such a climate it is normal to feel anxious and stressed.

Gail Page, leadership and communication coach with Tauranga-based Positive Pathways, has observed business owners struggling to keep going. The impact on their mental health, resilience and wellbeing is taking its toll. The key to wellbeing, she says, is psychological safety and being able to manage the unexpected well. “Managing your state of mind puts you back in the driving seat,” she says.

Tips for better mental health and physical wellbeing

Develop emotional literacy

Dr Hinemoa Elder of Brain Research NZ urges those in business to “lift the game around emotional literacy in the workplace”. There’s huge value in talking about feelings around loss, fear, powerlessness, change.
Many people are defined by what they do in their working life – if that has changed, that can be another loss, she says.

When in doubt, move your body

If you are tired and stressed, the last thing you might want to do is exercise. But give it a try. Head outside for a walk. Tell yourself you will do 10 minutes, and if you don’t feel better you can head back. Chances are you will enjoy the fresh air and movement so much, you will want to go further.

Where to go for support

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