Marketing wins
and where to find them

1 September 2020 • 3 min read

Marketing. Promotion. Advertising. Whatever you call it, how your business talks to the world creates a foundation that often determines success. Creating a marketing strategy that gets your business discovered, noticed and used is one thing. Sustaining that strategy to harness recommendations, word-of-mouth referrals, and community engagement is a whole other ball game. One you can absolutely master. Before we begin, no words on a page or a grand master plan actually matters, unless they’re true to your business and what’s realistically achievable.

Start with your story

No matter the rigour of your marketing masterstroke, the basis is always your story.

“What do you or your company stand for? Where’s the origin? And how did it lead you to where you are today?”

If you’re a family run business, sell a much-loved (and incredibly well-guarded) recipe, or started out looking to solve a local shortfall - that’s your anchor. And that anchor should be front and centre of your website, social media and print messaging.

Get social

Millions of small businesses advertise on social media. That in itself can feel overwhelming. Where do I start? How do I stand out? Fear not. The strength of marketing on these platforms lies in the inexpensive but effective targeting options.

The ad creation itself is straight forward; with a solid headline and strong image, you’re covered. Then it’s time to get clever with your audience targeting – location, interest, online behaviours, website visits. All done through Facebook Ads manager.

With a bit of tinkering and testing, you’re on the road to drive traffic, convert customers, and reach new audiences for a solid ROI. If your business is highly visual, say a car detailing business, consider Instagram. As a subsidiary of Facebook, the targeting is just as in-depth and you’ll find a captive, visual-first audience.

Resource Tip: Facebook Ads Manager

Locals like locals

Google My Business (GMB) is a must-use for any locally owned and operated business. Let's say a potential customer searches for ‘Mechanic in Dunedin’ in Google. Before showing any organic search results, GMB listings will sit at the top of the page, show within Google Maps, and feature the top local mechanics in Dunedin. This kind of visibility is invaluable, and it's incredibly simple to achieve a ranking. You only need to keep your profile, details, and reviews up to date.

Resource Tip: Google My Business

Check your sites

According to a recent study by the NZ Government, 40% of potential customers are turned off by a poorly designed or badly functioning website. And yet there's no getting around the fact that having an up-to-date website or digital presence is essential for a business of any size. And the work you can do to enhance your customers digital engagement with you needn't be prohibitively expensive. Simply taking the free Kiwi Business Boost self-assessment can be a great first step in helping reveal existing strengths and opportunities to enhance your digital presence.

Resource Tip: Kiwi Business Boost

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