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1 September 2020 • 4 min read

Even in normal times, the sheer functional demands of keeping a business going are taxing and often overwhelming. Caught up in the thick of long to-do lists – orders, overheads, rosters and inventory – you could be forgiven for forgetting why you started and where you were headed. But these are not normal times. The world has shifted. Which makes now the perfect time to re-focus on the most important aspect of all - your reason ‘why’, and where to next.

Eat the frog

You’ve woken up, brushed your teeth and knocked back your opening coffee. What’s the first thing you should do? Eat the frog. That is, tackle the toughest task on today's to-do list. The one that, if left unattended, will be the distraction in the back of your mind all day, urging you to procrastinate and kill your productivity. By knocking this over, your head is clear and your focus stays sharp.

Streamline time

With only so many hours in a day, it’s imperative to be productive with every minute on hand. Take a look at an existing process you have. Could it be optimised? For example, if you’re still manually reconciling your fuel spend, why not set up your Z Business account to feed those invoices directly into Xero? Eliminate the paperwork, streamline the process, so you can spend more time doing, going and growing.

Healthy competition

Now, this may sound counterintuitive, but your competitor landscape is ever-changing, and post-COVID is a perfect time to take a look over the fence.

“Get to know both your direct and indirect competitors. Their blind spots could be a new opportunity for you to capitalise on.”

It’s never a bad time to remind yourself that your reason for being in business is not like any other, and reminding yourself on how you stand out is always healthy.

The drive to succeed

Here is a not-so-secret tip. Entrepreneurs swear by productive downtime. So, if you spend your morning commute listening to the sounds of traffic, why not press play on a podcast. There’s an endless amount of insightful and snackable podcasts dedicated to all things business, focus, and productivity.

Keep your customers close

Sounds obvious, right? Yet the first thing we lose sight of when it all gets too busy is the customer. Nothing beats a face-to-face chat to remind you why you show up every day. Shout someone a coffee. Share a pie. Look for those opportunities to gather real-time feedback. Your finger on the pulse of satisfied customers, or areas to improve, can only be found when you are on the ground.

There you have it. With focus and steely commitment to your ‘why’, you can better keep your eye on the business prize. So tell us:

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