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1 September 2020 • 3 min read

Over the past few decades, businesses of all sizes have spoken of their responsibility to their employees. Sometimes it's been genuine. Oftentimes, lip service. But COVID-19 has revealed that no matter who you are, or where you live or work, we're all vulnerable. It's crystalized to so many of us who and what is important. And in countless cases, it's shown our best side. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at five ways we can continue taking care of ourselves and each other.

1. Lead by example

You can’t steer the ship if you’re the one rocking the boat. So before you check-in on your staff, family, or colleagues, look within. Your natural inclination may well be to put other priorities before your own well-being, leaving you overworked and burnt out. Now is the time to adopt daily rituals that are yours and yours alone. Switch off your phone. Take a drive. Hit the gym. Whatever you find that works to help even your keel, you’ll be better prepared to look after and lead others in the long run.

2. Master your meals

Anyone who spends time behind the wheel will tell you; the allure of a fast-food drive-thru is hard to resist. Burger pit stops may feel gratifying at the time but do little for the waistline in the long run. So, how can you arm yourself with a little more willpower? Pack a bunch of healthy snack options in the car with you (water should always be on board.) And if you have a destination or time of arrival in mind, call up and book a dinner spot ahead of time. This way you’ll avoid temptation and stick to the healthier options.

3. The New Normal

The typical 9-to-5 has conditioned us to relish routine. And when this is disrupted, we hit the panic button, feeling totally destabilised. It’s no wonder. These routines allow us to keep boundaries between our professional and private lives, and act as a type of autopilot for the ways we undertake most tasks. What we are now presented with are new ways of working, moving and connecting. This adaptation isn’t always comfortable, but you can take comfort in establishing a new routine on your terms.

4. Less contact, more Fastlane

Door handles. Shopping baskets. Countertops. Haven’t we all become acutely aware of how many surfaces we touch on any given day? If this mindfulness is something you’d like to stick with, the Fastlane option at selected Z sites is something to consider. Simply link your Z Business Card to Fastlane in the Z App. Then, when you pull up in a Fastlane, the camera automatically recognises your number plate, which means you can fuel up and be on your way. No handling of any cash or cards. Of course, be sure to still give a smile and wave. Those will always be welcomed.

5. Be gentle to you

“Every individual that makes up your business, yourself included, tends to be their own toughest critic.”

If our output drops, we get down. If we don’t deliver, our self-worth takes a beating. That’s only natural. But it’s not the truth.

On the other side of challenging times, we’ve been reminded that nothing will ever be more important than our own physical, mental, and emotional health and those of the people close to us. Let’s remember that. Let’s measure our successes in accordance with balance and be gentle on ourselves as we adapt to the new rhythms of work and life.

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