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Get cyber secure

The implications of storing customers’ personal information are so worrisome to some business owners that they fail to collect much data at all. But it really is an essential part of doing business, so companies need to learn to overcome their fears.

Sep 2021 3 min

Attracting & hiring great talent

People are the backbone of any business. Which is why recruiting talent that shines should be one of your biggest priorities. Here's what to consider.

July 2021 2 min

How to manage your fleet more efficiently

Technology is changing the way commercial fleets are run. Gathering real-time data is a game-changer when it comes to managing your commercial fleet in the most efficient way possible.

July 2021 3 min

Wellbeing on the go

Business runs at whirlwind pace. But a few simple tips can enhance work culture, job satisfaction and safer driving – all without stopping your flow. See how in our latest Business Hacks clip.

June 2021 2 min

Hire superstars who will shine for years to come

Great talent makes for a great business. We've summed our top six recruitment strategies to attract and retain talent.

June 2021 3 min

How to hold onto existing customers while hustling for new ones

It’s easy to get caught up in winning new customers, but don’t forget to look after your existing customers as you increase your sales

10 June 3 min

How to drive traffic to your business website

Email newsletters and social media links can help bring customers to your website, but quality content will keep them there

3 June 3 min

Tips to transform your website

Your website is your shop window to the world. In our freshest Business Hacks clip, discover how you can leverage one of your strongest assets to build credibility and win new customers.

25 May 2 min

Doing good in your ‘hood’

Businesses don’t operate in a vacuum, they operate in communities. They are an essential part of the social fabric. What can your business do to support your local community?

20 May 3 min

Train Your Team And Flourish

Five ways upskilling your team can be is good for your business growth, productivity and stability.

13 May 3 min

How to kickstart your sustainability journey

Unsure where to start when it comes to sustainability? In our newest Business Hacks video, you’ll discover steps you can take right now to reduce your carbon footprint.

27 April 2 min

A moment with Mike

Z Energy chief executive Mike Bennetts tells how the energy provider is shifting away from fossil fuels.

21 April 3 min

How a diverse workforce is a more productive workforce

Diversity and inclusion at work leads to better performance, higher productivity and happier teams.

15 April 3 min

How to manage a remote team

Stay connected when working remotely. Here’s how to manage a team using technology.

8 April 3 min

Staying on top of your mental health

Now is the time to make sure everyone on your team is managing their stress and isolation.

1 April 3 min

Time saving tips in a super-quick clip

When time is money, efficiency is like having your own printing press. In our latest Business Hacks clip, discover three powerful tips the best businesses use to create more time.

24 March 2 min

An extra helping hand

The Salvation Army goes the extra mile for people in need. Fuel vouchers, movie tickets, and grocery packages are given to people in transitional housing.

19 March 3 min

Make sponsorship work for you

How local sponsorship can boost your small business profile.

11 March 3 min

Goal setting that actually works

Goal-setting systems that work focus on the specific, realistic and achievable.

5 March 3 min

Getting the best out of your remote team

In order to conquer, small business often has to divide. The latest clip in our Business Hacks series shows how to keep the team together if you need to split up.

24 Feb 2 min

Starting off strong

Whether it's January or July, it’s never too late to create, chase and achieve laser-sharp business goals for this year, or any other.

11 Feb 2 min watch

It’s all about the strength of the network

The Z Energy fuel network provides accessible, discounted fuel for all National Road Carrier members, saving them $1.4 million each year.

19 Feb 2 min

Do you need a business mentor?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners swear by the value of mentorship. Learn how it could improve your performance.

14 Jan 3 min

The importance of taking downtime

Downtime makes you more productive and creative, enhances your problem-solving capability, and improves your judgement and health.

10 Dec 3 min

Five productivity hacks to transform your working life

You need to get it done, asap. Here are some tricks and tools for getting the most out of your workday.

3 Dec 3 min

A logo to build a brand on

After nearly 12 years in business this business received the makeover it deserved. Discover how they transformed their business.

26 Nov 3 min

How to have hard conversations with your team

In the wake of COVID-19, many businesses have had to make tough decisions when it comes to their staff. Explore how you can approach tough and fair conversations with your team.

5 Nov 3 min

What every business owner needs to know in the first year

The first year in business is when you set your path and lay the foundations for your future success. Here is what you need to keep in mind to make the most of it.

23 Oct 3 min

WOW your customers with “Surprise & Delight”

‘Surprise and Delight’ can be a powerful way to build customer loyalty. Discover how your business can implement this simple strategy to keep your customers engaged and attract new customers.

7 Oct 4 min

Planet, Profit, You

Environmental sustainability is really very simple. It is just about the efficient and sustainable use of carbon, water, waste, and electricity. Here’s a handy toolkit on how your business can start on its own sustainability journey.

1 Oct 2 min

Resilience and Business

With Mental Health Awareness week here, we’ve provided some helpful insights and tips on how to manage your personal resilience and wellbeing in your business and personal life.

22 Sep 4 min

Keeping your team engaged and motivated in tough times

As a business owner, having an engaged and motivated team can be your best asset. In an ever-changing world, discover ways to keep your team engaged by building a supportive and positive work environment.

18 Sep 3 min

How to go Digital to Make Your Business Thrive

Many New Zealand businesses have embraced digital tools to run their business in the ‘new normal’. Explore simple and easy ways your business can go digital and thrive in the new economy.

11 Sep 3 min

The journey to building a strong relationship

When Fletcher began a fuel supplier review, it marked the start of a journey of collaboration with Z.

1 Sep 3 min

Managing cost cuts in the “New Normal”

The “New Normal”. That's the phrase we're all hearing as we adjust to a fundamentally changed world. The economy is changing.

1 Sep 3 min

5 ways to stay healthy & well in challenging times

Over the past few decades, businesses of all sizes have spoken of their responsibility to their employees. Sometimes it's been genuine. Oftentimes, lip service.

1 Sep 3 min

Focus on what matters

Even in normal times, the sheer functional demands of keeping a business going are taxing and often overwhelming. Caught up in the thick of long to-do lists...

1 Sep 4 min

Marketing wins and where to find them

Over the past few decades, businesses of all sizes have spoken of their responsibility to their employees. Sometimes it's been genuine. Oftentimes, lip service.

1 Sep 3 min