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Are They OK? A mental health support guide for Managers

27 September 2021 • 2 min read


Mental health has a huge role to play in the workplace. Creating a mentally healthy workplace has been proven to increase productivity, innovation and staff retention while reducing absenteeism.

However, while it’s great to acknowledge mental health and say you want to maintain good mental health for your employees, knowing how to take action can be a challenge.

At Z, we are lucky to have a team of people and culture experts, as well as access to a number of consultants, to help guide our journey with mental health is the workplace. They have put together a number of resources to help our people support one another and flourish in our company.

We know that not all businesses have the time, budget, or expertise to create mental health resources for their staff. That’s why we’ve decided to share some of the resources that our team use to help support employee’s mental health.

Check out the first of these resources, the “Are they OK?” guide for people leaders.

Click here to download the guide

Who is this for?

This guide can help anyone who’s responsible for managing employees. If you’re a small business this might just be you as the owner, or it might be a manager or supervisor.

This guide is not specific to any industry or business, so you can apply it to your team regardless of what kind of work you do.

What is this for?

This handy PDF will help walk people leaders through supporting their team’s mental health. It covers some of the early warning signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety, how to approach a conversation around an employee’s mental health, and what actions you can take to help.

Why does this matter?

How people leaders respond to employees who are experiencing distress, or a difficult personal situation, can have a significant effect on their ability to cope, manage, or recover. However, it can be difficult to know how to approach these situations. This guide provides a starting point for you and the managers in your business.

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