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With Z Business Plus

A big plus and some

Fuel savings every day. Your choice of rewards. More places to fuel up. Z Business Plus adds a whole lot of value to your business.

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A big plus at the pumps

Fuel pricing needn’t be complicated. So when you fill up with Z Business Plus, you’ll save 8¢ per litre off the pump price on all fuel, at all locations, at all times. No catches. No confusion.

  • Consistent discounts; 8¢ off the pump price of all fuel grades at all times.
  • Save everywhere; available at all Z, Caltex and Challenge service stations and truck stops.
  • Savings at a glance; convenient monthly invoice details savings by card, plus total fuel savings.
  • Generous credit terms; enjoy up to 40-days credit on all spend, including fuel and in-store purchases.
8 cents off every litre. Every Fuel. Everyday. Every Z, Caltex & Challenge
Flybuys: 1 Flybuys point per 20L purchased at Z and Caltex service stations. Airpoints: 1 Airpoint Dollar™ per 100L fuel purchased at Z and Caltex service stations.


A big plus for rewards

Z Business Plus is the only fuel card programme in New Zealand to reward fuel spend with your choice of either Flybuys or Airpoints Dollars™. So every time you top up your tank at Z and Caltex service stations, you’ll get even closer to some place special.

  • Earn Flybuys or Airpoints Dollars™ on all fuel spend across all Z and Caltex service stations.
  • Rewards calculated monthly for your convenience.
  • Yours to spend on flights, electronics, shopping and more.
  • Add, change or update your loyalty number with one simple call.
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Terms & Conditions: for Flybuys, click here; for Airpoints™, click here.

NZ's Largest Fuel Supplier

A big plus on the road

Uniting three of the country's biggest fuel brands – Z, Caltex and Challenge – you’ll find warm welcomes and big savings at more than 550 service stations and truck stops across NZ.

  • Save on every drop at every stop; consistent fuel savings everywhere.
  • Convenience; with a larger network, you’re never far from a Z Business Plus stop.
  • Far beyond fuel; discover car washes, delicious food and more.
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Z, Caltex, Challenge

Fuel up with z app and caltex nz app


Pay for your fuel with Pay in App. Simply add your Z Business card to Z App or Caltex NZ App, then fuel up and go at Z and participating Caltex service stations, nationwide.

For an even faster way to pay, link your Z Business card to Pay by Plate in the Z App. Then, pull into participating Z service stations, the cameras will read your number plate and we unlock the pump. All you need to do is fuel up.

  • Skip the queue: drive in, fuel up and be on your way faster.
  • No need to fumble for cards or go inside to pay.
  • Continue to get your discounts and rewards every time you fill up.
Find out more about Z App Find out more about Caltex NZ App

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